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Biomass Burners: The burner provides a reduction in biomass consumption by weight, as it works in a pressurized environment with positive primary air pressure, without soot or smoke in the external environment. It can be used in chemical industries, hotel chains, retreaders, breweries, aviaries, among others. 

Furnaces: It is used to generate energy that will feed the dryer. 

Redlers: Redlers are used for transporting and moving products, including wet, high-density products, used in: boilers, chip yards, slaughterhouses and the chemical industry 

Mobile grid: The grid system has alternating movements that provide different stages in combustion. This system makes combustion more efficient and produces only residual ash at the end of the grates. These, in turn, are extractedfrom inside the furnace automatically. 

Hoppers: The hoppers are used to receive materials, such as wood shavings, wood chips or sawdust. Upon receipt, the material is dosed in a controlled manner to a Redler or belt conveyor. 

Shavings: The production of wood shavings starts with the choice of the wood that will be matured and then it will go through a drying process, promoting the removal of moisture and sterilization of the material. 

In addition to helping to protect poultry beds, wood shavings can also be used as a sustainable alternative for fuel in industrial furnaces, as, being a type of biomass, it produces clean energy. 

Sutil’s shaving equipment line is composed of the entire line of equipment for the production of sterilized shavings, baled or in bulk, with a production of up to 40m3. Balers for up to 30m3 and the launch of a baler for 50m3 hours. We also produce Rotary Dryers with 3 pass stages. 

Pellets: Wood pellets are a type of firewood, generally produced from dry sawdust which is then compressed.The product is extremely dense and must be manufactured with a low moisture content, which allows it to be burned with high heat efficiency.Sutil produces all the equipment for the Pellets line, from drying to pelletizing. 

Mobile floor: The Mobile Floor System is automated equipment for horizontal cargo handling, providing an efficient and safe alternative for biomass handling.

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